News 2 March 2015
Author: Elle SM

The ridiculous & amazing gems of wisdom Kanye preached at Oxford Uni today

Author Elle SM
2 March 2015

Kanye West took to a different stage than we’re used to this afternoon as he spoke in front of over 350 people (out of 5000 balloted) at Oxford University’s Museum of Natural History.  Students blogged the event on a standalone publication called “Versa” and live-tweeted from The Tab, the country’s cross-uni student newspaper, using the hashtags #YesWeKanye and #YeezOx.

Check out some of our favourite tweets below…

He arrived to rounds of applause and a minute-long standing ovation before rearranging the furniture on stage and getting rid of the microphone to make the whole thing “aesthetically better”.

Stop jocking around Ye.


“…so F your feelings.”

Do we want to be ants or crabs?? What’s the answer?? Teach us Ye!

Amen Yeezy. Amen.

There’s hope for us all.

Don’t move his lights fam.


View all of Kanye’s tweets here and the full live blog here.