Videos 25 April 2021
Author: Andra

Rimzee talks business, self-help books & converting to Islam on CEOCAST

25 April 2021

Rimzee sat down with Raheem Khalid on his latest CEOCAST episode and discussed business, self-help books and converting to Islam.

The rapper and entrepreneur opened up about his businesses, how he got into property and where he takes his inspiration from.

The artist also touched on the self-help books that he read while he was in prison and how they shaped his mindset. 

This episode is inspirational and empowering as Rimzee explains how success works and how he got to the point where he is now.

Rimzee drops tons of knowledge and insights on this episode including buying his first property in Leicester, opening a studio, starting a label and a car rental company, opening his Burgers & Bagels restaurant in Chelsea, and more. 

Rimzee is transparent in this interview and points out the importance of the team around you when you want to start a business and the type of mindset your team needs to have. He told Raheem, “The team is as strong as your weakest link.”

One thing that sticks out in this interview is Rimzee’s view on the power of affirmation and believing in your dreams without necessarily putting it all out into the world as it can jinx it. 

This episode is CEOCAST is a gem and should be checked out by everyone that wants to get their dose of inspiration and drive to achieve whatever they aspire. Take it all in above.