News 9 October 2017
Author: Alex Griffin

RIP Major Ace: A tribute

9 October 2017

It’s with a heavy heart I write these words, as we inform you that the MC Major Ace has died an untimely death. 

For those unaware who Major Ace is, let me give you some context: In the early 2000’s Pay As You Go Cartel crew were the guys back then, along with Heartless Crew and So Solid. Major Ace would write his name in UK musical history. However, at the time, I don’t think he knew.

PAUG surfaced to the mainstream with the hit top 20 hit single “Champagne Dance”…

…But they had already had the underground buzzing with the track “Know We”.

Pay As U Go VS Heartless crew

Ace and his crew had already established a name up and down the country. One night in 2001, at a club called Destinys in Watford, the likes of Major Ace, Wiley, Plaugero, Gods Gift, Maxwell D just to name a few from the cartel were finishing up a set. 

Up on stage after the cartel were The Heartless Crew, consisting of Mighty Mo, Bushkin and Dj Fonti.

To give you a better picture of what happened, PAUG were waiting for HLC to come to the stage, running late as most things do in the music industry. Major Ace and his crew decided to duppy one more track before they left… but if only it was that simple.

For those that don’t know what happened next forward, 28.40 min to hear what transpired.

This clash for those in school, college and uni at the time, was the equivalent of having the latest Giggs mixtape. EVERYBODY was listening to it on their chubby fat walkmen’s (or mini disc if you had ps and a setup like that).

Fast forward and Pay As U Go would disband with most members leaving to form or join other crews. Major Ace formed Special Delivery, a crew that consisted of Bashy (formally know as Bashy Star) Sniper E, Crespo, Redrum, Terror D and Face Man.

Special Delivery would later have infamous clashes with Roll Deep and SLK, while Ace would also be part of East Connection with the likes of Jookie Mondo, Dj Nicki Slim Ting, Preshus, Lady Fury and Demon to name a few. 

Before the music we identify as grime was given its name, MC’s would be referred to as garage MC’s. However, it was clear the music was going in a new direction, as Garage Fever and Garage Delight became somewhat nostalgic, Eskimo Dance was being birthed.

Pirate radio went from that sweet house and garage sound, to grimy basslines and conflicting lyrics. When the days of having eight or more MC’s on a track was thing, Ace would feature on Nicki Slim Ting’s “Link Up”. 

Over the last few years Ace would do more PAs and no new music surfaced recent years, Despite this, he would still pop up on the likes of 60 Minutes Live in 2014 with MistaJam and remind everyone that his energy, charisma and that distinctive course voice was still very active.

Whether this is you first experience discovering Major Ace, or you are familiar with his legacy, it’s fair to say he has played a major part in the structure of UK music scene and what it is today. 

In an interview with Kiss 100 in 2013 Wiley, even states and makes the point that, “Major Ace and Dj Slimzee is the reason I stand here today.” 

From being known for multiple reload bars like “Yah Yah Yah” or “Everybody wants to be a top shotter” or “Ruuuuu Ken bun them like Ken, triple dragon then I come back again”, Major Ace will forever be remembered as a legend. 

Our thoughts go out to his friends, family, former crew members, Djs, those who knew and shared a stage with him and those who knew him best. His musical memories will live on for eternity. 

Rest In Paradise,

From all the staff at GRM Daily.

Words by Renzeeto