News 22 May 2024

Rishi Sunak announces next general election date

22 May 2024
rishi sunak

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has called for a general election to be held on Thursday, July 4th, setting the stage for a pivotal contest as Keir Starmer aims to end 14 years of Conservative-led government and lead Labour to victory.

This decision comes after a day of intense speculation in Westminster, fuelled by positive economic news and an unusually timed Cabinet meeting that saw senior ministers rearrange their schedules to attend.

Labour, currently enjoying a substantial 20-point lead in the polls, appears poised for a significant comeback. Starmer, who has revitalised his party since its historic defeat nearly five years ago, is widely anticipated to become the next prime minister.

Previously, Sunak had suggested that his “working assumption” was to hold the election in the latter half of the year, potentially after a tax-cutting budget in the autumn.

However, with the economic outlook unlikely to improve significantly by then and uncertainties surrounding the Rwanda deportation scheme, government insiders indicate that Sunak has been convinced to move the election date forward.

Starmer’s camp has responded assertively to the news. A spokesperson stated, “We are fully ready to go whenever the prime minister calls an election. We have a fully organised and operational campaign ready. The country is crying out for a general election, and we urge the prime minister to proceed.”

As the nation gears up for a high-stakes electoral battle, the July 4th election promises to be a defining moment in the UK’s political future.

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