News 7 August 2019
Author: Courtney W

Rockstar Games Reportedly Releasing ‘Bully 2’ Next Year

7 August 2019

It’s been thirteen years since the release of Rockstar Game’s much-loved Bully and it looks like a sequel may be with us very soon.

The news comes following a video posted by Swedish gaming YouTuber SWEGTA on Sunday (August 4) claimed he received a leak from a Rockstar Games insider about the alleged sequel.

In the video, SWEGTA says Bully 2 is due to hit shelves in October or November of 2020 and will be released on PS4, PS5, Xbox Scarlett and Xbox One.

SWEGTA also believes a sequel to the game is en route because of Grand Theft Auto’s Online casino update, which includes a Bully Easter Egg containing a piece of art titled after Bully’s Bullworth Academy motto – “Canis Canem Edit”.

The piece of art in GTA also includes images with symbols from the Academy’s emblem – a rat, a skull, a snake and a fist.

Rockstar Games haven’t confirmed the rumours as of yet but all the signs at present are pointing towards a Bully sequel.