News 28 February 2020
Author: Priya Faith

Rockstar Games’ Website Update Sparks GTA 6 Announcement Rumours

Author Priya Faith
28 February 2020

An eagle-eyed fan has noticed that Rockstar has uploaded some new artwork to their website, causing gamers to speculate that an announcement is coming soon.

As the artwork doesn’t match any current game, they believe an announcement of a new game is on the way. While Rockstar Games are notorious for keeping announcements quiet, fans have high hopes.


The art is reminiscent of the work of Hajime Sorayama; a Japanese artist who was very big in the 80s. Although it might be a bit of a stretch, some fans have linked it to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Despite Rockstar failing to ever give so much of a hint about GTA 6, fans are hoping more news on the upcoming release is to follow.

Adding to the speculation, Rockstar has a new video on their YouTube channel which is currently set to private. While it might not be GTA 6, it certainly seems as if an announcement is coming soon!