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Rude Kid talks ‘Outer Space’ EP, says he wants to work with Little Simz & picks a clash beat for Chip & Tinie!

12 February 2015

One of the most prolific Grime producers, Rude Kid is kicking off his 2015 campaign with the release of an instrumental EP entitled ‘Outer Space’. Rude’s last body of work came out in 2013, however this doesn’t mean he wasn’t putting in work.

Over the course of 2014, the legendary Grime producer was still producing bangers of which many were featured on LOTM 6. Not to mention towards the end of last year BBK dropped the visual to the current club banger “Shaky” which is another heavyweight production credit Rude Kid has added to his legacy.

His impact on the scene is obvious, the ‘Outer Space’ EP charted on iTunes pre-orders alone.

We caught up with Rude Kid to discuss his latest release along with other various topics. 

GRM: Already ‘The Outer Space’ EP was charting on iTunes prior to its release, how are you feeling with regards to the impressive pre-order stats and the overwhelming support the EP has received already?

 GRM Daily

Rude Kid: I’m very happy with the outcome of this EP so far, the support from people really means a lot to me. Most of them show me screen prints of them buying the EP and I try and thank everyone who buys it. Doing ok in the Electronic iTunes chart is a good look, but I put out EPs for all the people who love listening to my music

GRM: You’re no stranger to having emcees go head to head over your instrumentals as we have seen on LOTM, hypothetically speaking if Chip and Tinie Tempah were to clash over 3 of your beats off ‘The Outer Space’ EP, which instrumentals would you choose and why?

 GRM Daily GRM Daily

Tinie Tempah                                          Chipmunk aka Chip

Rude Kid: I like this question! I would pick, ‘Saturday After next’ because it sounds dark and angry and has that clashing vibe to it if that makes sense? Second beat would be “2004” because it sounds like a typical old skool grime tune, hence the name. For my third and final beat I would pick “Leap Year” simply because I think the beats got non stop energy the whole way.

GRM: If you could choose any 3 emcee’s/artists that you’ve never worked with before to feature on one instrumental off the project, who would you give what instrumental and why?

Rude Kid: Even though I’ve worked with most MC’s in the scene I would love to work with Dizzee Rascal. That’s been a dream since I was young to have a tune with him. Hopefully that happens one day, also I want to work with Tinie. He’s a good friend but we haven’t actually made a song before, and finally I would say Little Simz. I think she’s very talented.

GRM DailyGRM Daily

Dizzee Rascal                                                                Little Simz

GRM: As a the producer of the banger “Shaky” out off all emcees that smashed it, whose verse is your favourite?

Rude Kid: I like all the verses you know it’s hard to pick a verse, I think they all did sick on the tune.

GRM: For “2004” how did you decide what direction you were going to take the instrumental and what were your thoughts behind naming it after such a monumental year in Grime?

Rude Kid: I made that tune in like 20mins just mucking around, but then I liked the sound of it and thought this can go out to the DJ’s. It just reminded me of something that would’ve been made in the early stages of grime.

GRM: As a DJ/producer you’ve been blessed to travel the world carrying out your craft in many different countries. What was the most heartfelt, enjoyable and memorable experience?

Rude Kid: For me going to Australia for a Rude Kid Tour was sick, I loved it out there and seeing my face on a poster in the streets out there was a good feeling. I love going to the Czech Republic as well, the energy over there is crazy. Last time I went out there I did a stage dive it was mental. Also playing at Outlook Festival in Croatia was really fun.

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(Dj Logan, Sama, Rude Kid and Dj Cameo at the Outlook Festival)

GRM:What has been the most valuable lesson of your career so far?

Rude Kid: Most valuable lesson I’ve learnt is to never give up and always believe in yourself, because if you don’t believe in yourself then nobody will. Also have fun making music because it can get stressful sometimes.

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GRM: Finally what can we expect for the rest of 2015 from Rude Kid… anything you can tell us or is it all top secret?

Rude Kid: Rest of 2015, I WANNA TAKE OVER, that’s all!

Its looks like the Grime super producer has his eyes set on making 2015 another monumental year. For those who are after some of the hottest grime instrumentals, of which some of your favourite emcees have barred over, make sure you click here to purchase ‘The Outer Space’ EP. Jam packed with 6 of the hottest instrumentals including the smash hit “Shaky” this EP, like other Rude Kid projects, will not disappoint.

Words: Ren_GRM