News 21 June 2023

Hip-Hop legend RZA collabs with Ballantine’s whisky for new partnership

21 June 2023

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of hip-hop, RZA and Ballantine’s have connected for a series of iconic drops.

Coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the release of Wu-Tang’s debut album Enter the 36 Chambers, the collaboration comes at the perfect time and celebrates one of hip-hop’s most prolific talents.

The first drop in the series is a limited edition Ballantine’s x Crosley record player. Bold and distinctive in its design, the C6 record player comes complete with a bluetooth speaker to allow hip-hop in all forms to be heard and enjoyed.

The collection of course comes complete with a very special edition bottle of Ballantine’s Scottish whisky.

On the collab, RZA said, “My 90s slogan was keep it real, and that’s what staying true is all about; live your life with no boundaries, break expectations and embrace what makes you, you. 

“When I was up in the Highlands with Ballantine’s, I came to realise that making whisky is like making a song, you need the right amount of sweetness and punch to make a good blend. When the elements come together, it’s a harmony. Not only does this work for good whisky, but it also works for life too; if you celebrate your own journey and keep it real, you can do amazing things.”

The collection is available to purchase on Friday 30th June. Find out more about the Ballantine’s x RZA Crosley collection here.