News 13 August 2021

Listen To S-X’s Latest Mixtape ‘A Repeat Wouldn’t Go A Miss’

13 August 2021

Grammy-nominated Wolverhampton musician S-X has released his highly-anticipated mixtape, A Repeat Wouldn’t Go A Miss.

Housing eighteen original tracks, this project from S-X is an extensive one that allows him to showcase his versatility as an artist.

A Repeat Wouldn’t Go A Miss is sprinkled with elements from a range of styles such as R&B, hip-hop and 80s pop, with S-X displaying vulnerability on tracks such as “Clear Out Time”, “Ain’t A Life” and “Looking For Me”.

Vocally, S-X goes it alone on this mixtape but we do see him co-produce alongside the likes of King David, Yoshi, Thomas Stubbs and more.

A Repeat Wouldn’t Go A Miss is my journey in a relationship but despite my personal experiences, the lyrics are relatable to everyone and you can interpret them differently. My songs are personal, that’s why people resonate with them the way they do.

“I hope fans can see my growth as an artist and as a person, overcoming all the negativity we’ve been through.”

Be sure to take in A Repeat Wouldn’t Go A Miss below!