Interviews 8 February 2017
Author: Nathan

GRM Exclusive: Sage The Gemini on working with Nines, HBK Gang & Viral Hits

Author Nathan
8 February 2017

Sage The Gemini is known for making hits. Since breaking through with his track “Red Nose”, he went on to top the charts aginwith his track “Gas Pedal” featuring IAMSU!. As well as his solo career, which has seen him drop his 2014 album Remember Me, he has had a #1 smash on the iTunes Top Hip-Hop/Rap Songs chart, several features on Billboard and a fully fledged Snapchat filter. With so much accomplished at such a young age – Sage is currently 24 years old – what does the future hold for the California native? GRM Daily caught up with Sage earlier this year to discuss the evolution of his career, why Nines was in his video and just what we can expect from his latest project…

Who is Sage The Gemini?

An incredible artist who is trying to leave his mark on the world.

Since making your mark in 2008 with You Should Know, how would you say you have evolved as an artist?

I’ve grown as an artist and producer and also realised I don’t have to do everything myself.·

“Gas Pedal” or “Red Nose”?


You have previously written for a number of artists. Did this help build you creatively and are you still writing for other artists?

I think it helped, because it allowed me to do more than what I’ve been known for as an artist/producer. And I am still writing for others, yes.

What is your favourite song you’ve recorded to date? [released or unreleased]

For me it changes every couple of days but as if today my favorite is “Now & Later”·

You previously said that your 2014 project, Remember Me, was not your “best work”. Why is this and how do you reflect on it now?

I feel it was rushed and because of the success of the two singles at the time I felt the need to finish the album immediately. That experience taught me patience.

For those that don’t know, who are HBK Gang?

HBK Gang is a collective of artist, singers, producers and creatives out of The Bay Area

And when will we hear a HBK follow up to Gang Forever?

Very soon. Sooner than I can say.

A group that you have been supporting and are taking on your West For The Winter tour this year are SOB X RBE. What first put you onto them and are you planning to make music?

SOB X RBE is a group out of the Bay Area that have the streets going crazy, so I had bring them along. We will be making music together soon.

How much do you listen to the UK scene [if at all] and what artists are you currently feeling from the UK?

I do. We have been listening to Nines since 2014. Actually me and Nines have the same manager now (shout out to Stretch) and if you look closely you can see him in the Now & Later video. We shot it in Mexico while he was there. He’s gonna be big out here. The industry loves him. Also Stefflon Don. She’s so dope. Also WSTRN and 67.

What do you want to accomplish before your 30 years old?

I want to have four multi-platinum albums and be a global artist that the world listens to.

A lot of rumours have been circulating about your upcoming album, Bachelor Party including who might be on it and what side of Sage we will see. What can the fans expect from Bachelor Party?

Expect the unexpected and for there to be music for everybody. This album will be every side of me musically.

If a book was to be written about your life, what would it be called and why?

“Remember Me” because I feel like what keeps me going so hard is remembering when people didn’t care. When nobody would listen to my music.

What are your plans for 2017?

For my music to take over the world. Global Gemini.