News 26 June 2017
Author: Jaik Fenton

Salute & GRM Daily: Some of the Entrants So Far

Author Jaik Fenton
26 June 2017

We’ve teamed up with Salute Music Makers to bring unsigned artists an amazing opportunity this summer.

Many, many people have entered the competition and the Salute team have picked out two strong tracks that have been submitted. Here’s a bit of background on the entrants:



iLLAMADi is an award winning artist (BEFFTA Best UK African Male Act 2016) (Diesel-U-Music Hip Hop Act 2006) and along with his twin brother @bwoywonder have been involved in the UK music scene for a long time and have worked with 90% of the UK music scene in some way shape or form.

Musical influences include the obvious Michael Jackson, Jay-Z, Biggie & Noreaga to the more closer to home Wiley Heartless Crew So Solid the late Tubby T and also his father a former musician himself.

iLLAMADi counts his current musical peers, youngers, the UK lifestyle & fashion trends as inspiration for his music.

“I entered the SALUTE competiton as it looks like a new fresh and exciting platform which has the potential to really take-off”. SALUTE could give iLLAMADi and other artists alike the added exposure and presence they may not have had the opportunity to attain.

“There is no such thing as too much exposure – plus lets be honest, the prize money is maaaaad!!”.



Streakz is from East London/Essex (Dagenham) and began making music in 2009 with a vision to help define and create urban music of a strong quality.

In his music expect to find stories about his success to the downfalls and hardships that he experiences throughout his life. As well as dealing with subject matters such as relationships, whilst also breaking down the competition with intellectual and complex lyricism, Streakz also has energetic delivery which crosses over to grime especially when he flows rapidly.

“I chose to take part in this competition because it’s giving me another platform to showcase my material and potentially push my career with the support of Salute’s experience in the industry”.

The competition is only open for entries for a few more weeks, click here to apply and give yourself the chance to bagging the £50,000 cash prize.