News 27 September 2016
Author: CJ

England Manager Sam Allardyce under investigation by the FA

Author CJ
27 September 2016

Less than two months into the England job and Sam Allardyce is already facing serious question marks, but not the kind that many would have expected.

As if the doubts over his credentials to the take the national team forward weren’t bad enough, the last thing Big Sam needed was an undercover sting report to further fan the flames of his critics.

Last month, Allardyce – who succeeded Roy Hodgson after a disastrous European Championship campaign – met a group of men claiming to represent a Far East firm.

He told them that third-party ownership rules can be avoided, explaining “it’s not a problem” to bypass the rules and he knew of agents who were “doing it all the time”.

These quotes are what could land the former Sunderland manager in hot water, as third-party ownership of players was banned by the FA in 2008 and have been likened to slavery.

It is further claimed that a deal was struck with the England boss worth £400,000 for him to represent the company to Far East investors and to be a speaker at events.

The 61-year-old, who has been in charge for just one England game, has yet to respond to the allegations, while the FA has asked to see full filmed recordings. This morning, new FA chairman Greg Clarke and chief executive Martin Glenn will decide whether the issue is one of poor judgement or something more serious.

“I want all the facts, to hear everything from everyone and make a judgement about what to do,” said Clarke.

“Natural justice requires us to get to the bottom of the issues before we make any decision. It is not appropriate to pre-judge the issue. With things like this you have to take a deep breath.”

To make matters even more controversial, Allardyce mocks his England predecessor Hodgson, by referring to him as “Woy” in the meeting. He then criticises former assistant coach Gary Neville too.

t a time where football is under the microscope because of the recent corruption within FIFA, the last thing England need is to have a manager caught up in any bribery scandals. The FA now has a big decision to make. The next few days will be very interesting…