Videos 19 April 2021
Author: Vince

SBK drops “10pm in Leicester” freestyle with Warz

19 April 2021

SBK and Warz get deep with a new freestyle called “10 pm in Leicester”.

In this b2b, both the rappers showcase their skillset and lyrical ability on some very thought-provoking and emotional subject matters. 

The video has the energy of an old school freestyle.

Shot outdoors, the entire freestyle is filmed and captured in a very candid way which gives the video a really authentic grassroots feel. 

SBK never fails to impress with his lyrical prowess and ability to piece together an immaculate verse. Luton rapper Warz spits a very introspective verse, touching on subjects such as how he channels his pain into his music.

Check out the freestlye above.