News 1 June 2021
Author: Courtney W

School Day In England Could Be Extended By Half An Hour To Help Pupils Catch Up After Covid

1 June 2021

In a bid to help students catch up on a year of disruption due to coronavirus, the government are considering extending the school day by half an hour.

According to a leaked presentation of plans drawn up by the government’s education recovery commissioner Sir Kevan Collins, proposals have been established to see children in school for a 35-hour week minimum, which means children would receive an extra 100 hours of schooling per year from 2022.

Additional tutoring for five million pupils and professional development for 500,000 teachers are also set to be proposed.

The plan also suggests an additional year of sixth form for students if their A-Levels are not completed in time.

The £15 billion plan, seen by The Times, aims to increase ‘the three T’s – time, teaching and tutoring – following a year of disruption for students sparked by the coronavirus lockdowns.

According to The Times, Boris Johnson has been brief on the plans and is said to have expressed his support.

The government are currently working on a catch-up plans for schools and colleges which is expected to be published before the summer holidays this year.

[Image by Lopolo via Shutterstock]