News 12 May 2017
Author: Cam Donald

Schoolboy dies after school dinner horror

Author Cam Donald
12 May 2017

An inquest into an incident with a Bow schoolboy taken ill in detention has revealed that the boy suffered a fatal reaction to a Tandoori school dinner.

The reaction led the boy to go into Anaphylactic shock. Reports say the boy, Nasar Ahmed, aged 14, complained he was having trouble breathing before calling for his inhaler, collapsing on the ground and foaming at the mouth. Staff at Bow School in Tower Hamlets failed to use Ahmed’s EpiPen, which the coroner has claimed could have saved his life.

The School’s Executive Headteacher has since released a statement in which she says, “The safety of those in our care is, of course, our overriding concern, and following Nasar’s death we rigorously reviewed all our safety procedures and are providing more training for staff across the board.”

The School’s sympathies were then offered to Ahmed’s family, citing the incident to have been “tragic”.

The boy’s family has accused Bow School staff of failing in their duty of care.