News 22 November 2016
Author: CJ

14 year old schoolboy suspended for making YouTube diss track #3Owen

Author CJ
22 November 2016

A 14 year old schoolboy, from Mansfield, has been suspended from his school for making a diss track and video on Youtube.

The teenager, Owen Whitney, who attends All Saint’s Catholic Academy and openly admits he is a big fan of grime, thought no serious harm would come from sending shots at his bredrin.

However, unfortunately for the aspiring Mansfield MC, his school staff found this no laughing matter and saw this as as a “hate crime.”

Some of Owen’s lyrics included, “You play video-games all day. It just shows how much you play COD (Call of Duty), and that your life is *****.”

“Yeah, you think you’re good at cricket. Just ‘cos you got one person out when you hit the wicket.”

“When you bat I can’t help but laugh. You can’t hit the ball, you’re absolutely ****.”

With cold bars like this, it is little wonder Owen’s school felt worried by this heinous act of crime.