News 18 September 2020

Man Held In Greek Jail After International Arrest Warrant Was Issued Over £10 Grinder

18 September 2020

Scottish born Connor Howard is currently being held in Greek police custody, after an international arrest warrant was issued against him for a sentence that he apparently had no knowledge of.

The authorities based in Qatar, issued the warrant in relation to Connor allegedly passing through the country with illegal substances in his possession. 

This all came to light after the 27 year old was woking abroad in Australia and was on his way back to the UK after a brief stop over in Qatar. Connor was arrested for possession of a small plastic herb grinder, that he picked up in Australia legally. This purchase was meant to be delivered as a humorous gift for a friend of his.

Following this, he then spent six hours in a jail cell and then carried on his journey back to the UK. The UK citizen was unaware that his trial had gone ahead, as well as a 12 month sentencing being decided for his case in his absence. Leading to Connor being labelled as a wanted criminal. 

This all came to the man’s attention, when he was visiting his parents in Corfu in August of this year and was detained at the airport. He is now expected to face an extradition hearing from the government in Qatar next week.

Connor’s stepfather spoke on the matter to the BBC: “The political side of it is crazy. Qatar is a very rich country and Greece are looking to be upholding the law for them so we are hoping the campaign is 100% successful and they will realise the mistake.

He was drug tested in Qatar and here, both negative, both clean. He’s not Pablo Escobar, it’s a wee guy from Tranent here.”

His mother added the following: “What he has done is nothing. It is not a crime in Greece. It is not a crime in Britain but Greece are just trying to uphold what Qatar are saying.”

The man’s legal representative gave the following statement: “It is absolutely a strange case that he was arrested in the first place over carrying what is essentially a herb grinder. It could be used for tea or anything – it’s completely legal in Australia where it was purchased, in the UK and in Greece. 

The local MP for the East Lothian area has since raised this case further to the Foreign Office, in hopes to understand and resolve the actions and requested made by the Qatari Government in regards to the case.