News 25 September 2019
Author: Courtney W

Second Man Arrested In Connection With The Death Of Mac Miller

25 September 2019

A second man has been arrested in connection with the death of U.S rapper Mac Miller, TMZ has reported.

36-year-old Ryan Reavis was arrested and taken into custody last night (September 24) after FBI and DEA agents searched his home in Arizona, in what is believed to be a larger investigation into the death of the late rapper.

It has been reported the authorities found a considerable amount of ammunition, a physicians’s prescription pad, marijuana, prescription-only pills and drug paraphernalia in Reavis’ house.

Police are yet to confirm Reavis’ connection with Mac Miller, but he has since been charged with fraud, drugs and gun charges.

The arrest of Ryan Reavis comes after another man, Cameron James Pettit, was arrested earlier this month in connection with the death of Mac Miller, who died from an accidental overdose last September.

If convicted, Pettit could face up to twenty years in prison.