News 9 May 2021

Selfridges unveil fashion rental service

9 May 2021

Selfridges is the latest company to roll out a fashion rental service.

Thanks to a new collaboration with Hurr, shoppers can now rent items for a total of either 8, 10 or 20 days for as little as £20.

Current listings include fashion items from Prada, Saint Laurent and Off White and several items are available from bags, shoes, tops and jeans to jackets and jumpers.

In a statement, founder of HURR Victoria Prew. said, “In a daring move, Selfridges is the first UK department store to take the plunge into the fashion rental market.

“The collection is built for the next generation of customers whose aspirations exceed their income, yet it is also appealing to customers who can afford to pay full-price but want the convenience of swapping out last season’s fashion for current season”.

She added, “Extending the lifespan of clothes that already exist is one of the best things you can do to reduce the environmental impact of your wardrobe.”

The note on the Selfridges website reads, “Whether you’re eager to try out the latest designer styles or have a special event on the cards – HURR X Selfridges is your one-stop destination for an experimental, earth-conscious way to shop.

“Featuring exclusive pieces from the Selfridges archive, luxury rental platform HURR makes fashion rental easy, inspiring and fun.”

The clothing rental market continues to rise thanks to apps and platforms like My Wardrobe HQ.

In other fashion news, a study published in Personality and Social Psychology said that men who wear clothes with large designer logos on them are more likely to be untrustworthy in romantic relationships and cheat.

The study aimed to uncover if designer clothing made men appear more attractive to women.

This was based on the theory that “audacious displays of wealth” created an alluring illusion of power that would draw in the opposite sex.