News 7 December 2016
Author: Courtney W

Shia Labeouf vs Soulja Boy is the funniest beef in hip-hop

7 December 2016

For years Shia LaBeouf has shown us he’s a talented actor, but recently he’s been keen to show us that he’s a pretty sick rapper too.

Following his impressive 5 Fingers of Death freestyle with Sway, LaBeouf decided to show us he has more bars to show off by releasing another freestyle and included some choice words for rappers such as Soulja Boy in the process.

Soulja Boy responded to Shia LaBeouf by posting a short video on Instagram, in which he instructed the Transformers actor to quit rapping and to stay out of his hometown of Atlanta.

However, it appears LaBeouf has decided to ignore Soulja Boy’s instructions as he’s replied to the “Crank Dat” rapper by releasing another freestyle with more shots for Soulja Boy. “I’ll be in Atlanta when my schedule is flexible”, raps LaBeouf “eating red vines and the guy who writes on sunglasses.”

The feud is one of the most random rap beefs in history but it’s also refreshing. Often, rap beefs turn ugly pretty quickly but its very unlikely that the exchange of words between LaBeouf and Soulja Boy will go any further than lyrics and social media. It may seem that Soulja Boy is taking the back-and-forth pretty seriously but Shia LaBeouf is a lot less intense and claims his raps are “just for fun and for free”.

While we wait to see what Soulja Boy’s next moves are, check out Shia LaBeouf’s latest freestyle above.