News 17 January 2023

Shop gives away free bottles of Prime & sends shots at Wakey Wines

17 January 2023

A shopkeeper in Doncaster is looking to combat Wakey Wines and their “profiteering off kids” by giving away free bottles of Prime energy drink.

The latter shop – which has a growing following on TikTok – has faced criticism in recent weeks for selling the in-demand KSI and Logan Paul-backed beverage for as much as £100 a bottle.

Jiy Singh, who runs Wheatley MiniMarket, told Yorkshire Live, “Not for sale, it’s free and to give out to the local kids while stocks last. Seen a lot of happy faces today, not many left but il try to keep them coming in.

“I’ve seen how everyone is trying to profiteer off kids and it’s bang out of order.

“Shop local but not if they are trying to rob you with stupid prices people, think smart, with today’s economy yous need to use your moral compass and buy things at the right prices. If anyone is selling Prime for more than £2 they are taking you for a mug.”

Prime is recommended to retail at just under £2, but high demand has seen prices skyrocket, with KSI even stepping in to call out Wakey Wines and demand an end to the high costs.

The Wheatley MiniMarket TikTok account has also been active, with videos imitating catchphrases from Wakey Wines and using tongue-in-cheek captions like “Tell Abdul to sit down, I’ll make my own videos”, a reference to their rivals owner.

[Image via TikTok/@wakey_wines01924724141]