News 30 October 2016
Author: Cam Donald

Is this shopkeeper the hero or villain in Hackney knife attack?

Author Cam Donald
30 October 2016

CCTV footage has captured a mad moment at a news agents in Hackney. On October 8th, a 15 year old boy ran into the shop screaming “Boss Boss can you stop them they’ve got a knife!” 

Shopkeeper Abbas Solak, 42, immediately reacts by urgently going over to the boy. But, here’s where it gets twisted…

Some have speculated that reports claiming Solak was protecting the boy from several attackers, one of which who was wildly flailing a machete, are false – and have instead suggested that Solak was making an effort to get the boy out of the shop. Maybe Mr Solak wasn’t in the mood for dealing with the problem and wanted to get the drama off of his doorstep.

A few seconds into the video another man emerges from behind the gang of attackers, throws them aside and runs into the shop, at which point the boy goes out of frame. Was this man the real hero of the night? When you see the shopkeeper gripping the boy’s shirt angrily, trying to pull the door open and not letting him go as a machete is driven towards him, it might seem like Mr Solak had something else on his mind…

Regardless, all three involved did well to keep themselves unscathed and it’s good to know that no-one left the incident with any injuries.