Music Videos News 17 April 2015

All Star Mix CD Set Part 2 ft. BBK, Ruff Sqwad, Newham Generals & more!! [Risky Roadz Fridays]

17 April 2015

After a slight hiatus #GRMFlashBackFridays returns and what better way then to kick it off with unseen footage from a set documented over ten years ago by none other then Risky Roadz.

This set features Skepta, D Double E, JME, Footsie, Tinchy Stryder, Jammer,President T, Trim, Lusion, Dirty Danger, Slix, Shifty, Fuda Guy and Rydos with Maximum and Karnage behind the decks.

The days of pirate radio broadcasting from a tower block or a discreet location have somewhat come to a halt, but let’s rewind the clock to 2002-2004. It would be down to word of mouth and your pirate radio station knowledge to know where and when to lock into this heavyweight set. Which in crew terms featured Ruff Sqwad, Newham Generals, BBK and Trim.

Let’s set the scene.

Scrolling through your radio dial hoping to find clear signal on De Ja Vu FM, Heat FM, Delight FM, OnTopFm, Freeze FM, Mission FM or Rinse FM, moving the ariel all around the room if necessary depending on your signal game. If it was really peak you would have to resort to sticking up the ariel with tape or blue tack all in aid for you to press record on the tape deck loaded with your 60 minute or 90 minute TDK.

Once settled if you where lucky enough to have a Nokia or Baby Ericsson with credit you would make it your mission to ring the all important phone line number to hear a emcces shout out your last 3 digits. Gassed.

If you missed it you would have to pray and hope that your friend recorded it or some technical genius may have uploaded it onto the RWD forum, even better DC++ for you to download on your slow ass dial up connection.

This is where we must say a huge thanks to the likes of Risky Roadz, Aim High and Lord Of The Mics/Decks who captured the early years of Grime. Now we are able to reflect on key memories and interviews which help build and cultivate the Grime scene along with educate many on the history of the scene.

Big shouts to Risky Roadz for reaching into his vault and releasing the second part of this archive footage.


Watch the first part of the set below if you haven’t managed to catch it yet!

While Grime continues to brake boundaries across the globe, the struggle back then to capture your favourite emcee or Dj set was worth it, but now thanks to the digital age we live in and the social media platforms available we all can remember the good old days and see how its evolved and grown.

Big up Risky Roadz for this weeks #GRMFlashBackFridays along with #RiskyRoadzFridays

Words By: Ren_GRM