Exclusives Interviews 13 November 2023
Author: Andra

Skrapz shuts down JD event and talks future album, acting and films

13 November 2023

It’s that time of the year again which means that the new JD Christmas advert is now here! The JD Christmas advert is an eagerly anticipated element of the cold season, almost like an official stamp approving that Christmas is coming. 

In anticipation to the official air date, JD threw an immersive screening party in Central London where various names from the fashion and music industry showed face.

Amongst them was the one and only Skrapz who has been keeping a low profile until very recently. The ICB rapper started releasing music again in September and already has two fresh singles entitled “Check” and “Normal” which anticipate his forthcoming album.

Skrapz has an interesting relationship with music as sometimes he has to go away and then come back to it but every time he does he comes back better and stronger and the fans are always eagerly waiting for his music. As he blessed the mic at the JD event and performed his recent releases along with some of his classic bangers it was only normal to sit down and have a chat about music and his future plans now that he’s back on everyone’s radar.

First of all, welcome back! You went away for a minute but now you’re back like you never left. You have released 2 tracks already since September, what else can we expect from you by the end of the year?

“There was a lot going on in between but yeah, it may seem that way. Well, the album is pretty much finished. I’m just doing some final touches but the album won’t be ready until next year. So this year maybe another song, maybe not. We’ll just have to see how it goes. So this year I might end it quietly, I might end it with a bang. It just depends how I feel.”

What can you disclose about the album?

“I feel like this is my best work so far. I’ve taken my time with it. I’ve included all the emotions and experiences that I’ve been through over the last few years. Everything’s included into it so yeah. It’s just, it’s raw and uncut.”

Are we going to see some collabs on it as well? 

“Yeah, yeah, there’s definitely collabs but I’d rather keep that under wraps for now. Yeah. There’s definitely collabs on there though, I’ve got a few unexpected ones as well.”

Unexpected in a genre-bending way or?

“The people that I have under this time around, I haven’t done work with them before. That’s why I would say it’s unexpected.”

Your musical journey has been put on hold a few times due to certain circumstances but you’ve never lost your shine or weight in the scene. How do you stay on top of your game during tough times?

“How do I stay on top of my game? It’s a hard one to answer. I’m very strong minded, I’m very resilient, I’m very persistent. So once I know, once I’ve got something planned no matter what happens in between, what obstacles get in the way, I’ll always get back on track. As long as I’m breathing and I’ve got my freedom, I’ll always get back on track. It’s just a gift that I have, I guess. I thank God for it.”

What about musically? Because there’s people that go away for a moment and then when they come back it’s just not the same but with you nothing ever changes.

“No, it’s funny you say that because it does. That’s what I’m saying. Behind the scenes there’s a lot of hard work that goes into it. Because I’ve been out. I didn’t just get released this year, I’ve been out since last year. But I took some time out just to work on my music and get it to a level that I’m satisfied with. I didn’t rush anything. I didn’t just release music for the sake of it. Like I put a lot of time and effort into it to get it back to the level or better than it was when I left it. Yeah, so it takes a lot of hard work. It’s not easy. It may look like it’s the same but there’s a lot of hard work in between.”

Crop Circle 3 just came out and it was a surprise not to see you in it. Do you think you’re ever going to get into acting?

“At the time of the production me and Nines weren’t allowed to be together due to legal reasons. So, yeah, I’m not in that movie, unfortunately. I’m not against it. I don’t have anything in the pipeline at the moment but I’m not against it. Just yeah, depending on the role.”

And going back to music quickly, who is your favourite upcoming artist in the scene right now? 

“I like that guy, he’s in jail at the moment, Double M. He’s good. I wouldn’t call him up and coming but he hasn’t broke through – I’m talking about Little Torment as well. So yeah, Marnz Malone, Little Torment. I like them.”

What advice would you give someone who comes from a similar background as you and wants to make it in the music game? 

“Um, yeah, just believe in yourself. Work hard. Don’t think anything’s gonna come overnight. Yeah, just be prepared to work hard.”

And last but not least, what’s something that no one knows about you?

“That I can sing.”

Photo Credit: JD Sports