News 29 October 2017

7 underground classics from Skrapz

29 October 2017

2017 has proved to be a significant year for our scene, with heavyweights and emerging artists dropping major projects which have propelled UK music to new heights. This week, we are going to be blessed with another crazy joint with Skrapz dropping one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year, Different Cloth. Having released The End of the Beginning back in 2015, Skrapz has been on a hiatus from music, but he is now back and we’re ready for one of our favourite artists to bless us with new music!

So, in the run up to Skrapz releasing Different Cloth, we at GRM Daily thought it would be best to reacquaint you guys with seven underground classic tracks from Skrapz! In fact, there might even be tracks that are included in this list that you have never heard! Either way, be sure to take in the tracks of your favourite rapper’s favourite rapper and remind yourself if needed as to why Skrapz is one of the coldest rappers around.

Skrapz – “Killin Dem”

To kick things off, we have a real classic from Skrapz called “Killin Dem” where he keeps it he keeps it raw and authentic as ever on a sinister instrumental. What is telling of this video and the track itself, is Skrapz has always been an artist and a person who keeps it true to himself. He has never been a follower, from his rapping style to his mannerisms in videos. There are no theatrics and his style is one that many could only wish to replicate. In fact, there aren’t many artists around who are able to make as chilling a song as “Killin Dem” and successfully make it sound as wavy as it does.

Also, a reminder that it was Skrapz who was the first person to jump out and ghost ride a Bentley rather than Drake on the “Started From The Bottom” video!

Skrapz – “LL Cool J Doin It”

In 2014 Skrapz dropped two projects for the fans, one of them being 80’s Baby, which was his take on classic tracks that his age mates grew up listening to. One of the biggest tracks from the tape was his version of the legendary LL Cool J track, “Doin It”. When artists rap over a classic beat you can’t help but compare it to the original. Yet this never occurs when you listen to Skrapz, as his distinctive style is accustomed to the instrumental. On another note, Big Keyz must be one of the waviest mixtape hosts around, no?

Skrapz – “On Da Roadz” Freestyle

Skrapz’s smooth, melodic flow over the calm AC Mainz instrumental bring into being a timeless freestyle that was recorded way back in 2011. Is there another rapper who could make a freestyle sound as wavy with a no seatbelt signal ringing off in the background? Highly doubt it! Big boy Skrapz has gone on to release further cold freestyles such as his SBTV Warm Up Session and of course his GRM Daily Duppy, yet his “On Da Roadz Freestyle” is a great early example of Skrapz using his iconic flow, having started off spitting grime under the name Skrapsta when he was in SLK.

CRS (Ice City) ft Fundz, J Man, Skrapz, Fatz, Storm Millian, Elmino… – “Line of Fire 2”

There is no denying that Church Road is home to some of the coldest rappers in the game and on “Line Of Fire 2” every artist delivers a mad verse. Despite this track being recorded back in 2011, if it were to be released today, it would still sound current. Skrapz again drops a crazy verse, yet with the talent that is on show with the Ice City Boys, you must bring you’re a-game and Skrapz certainly delivered it.

Skrapz – “Mission Impossible”

As the leading track from his mixtape, Skrapz Is Back Part II, “Mission Impossible” was the first video Skrapz earned a million views on as his raw, icy and nonchalant style was now beginning to be absorbed by the entire scene. The instrumental is insane, leaving Skrapz with no other option than to spit his hardest bars. When you listen to Skrapz rap, you believe everything he says, from him jumping out of bushes to hunt guys down, to expecting double his return on money that is owed of him. His authentic, boasy aura is prevalent throughout all his tracks but none more so than on “Mission Impossible” and it’s exhibited in the title of the track. To Skrapz, he is just living his normal life, but to the masses, it’s an impossible mission to even attempt living a day of his life.

Skrapz – “Skrapz Is Back”

Skrapz’s roots go way back to grime spitting at 140 bpm so we know he is comfortable and capable delivering bars at a fast tempo. For that reason, it’s a surprise that there aren’t many more Skrapz tracks where he is rapping at a faster tempo and it’s a shame because he sounds mad. The beat on the booming “Skrapz is Back” is infectiously intense yet Skrapz is still able to exert control and not let the beat overwhelm his lyrics. This sits on almost one million views and if you are yet to have taken this track in, be sure to.

Skrapz – “One More Chance” Remix

Who’s that dippin in the Bimma, F’s on my feet its Fendi not Fila, if you saw my interior you would think I got signed, nah nah nah baby girl I’m just a drug dealer…” Is there a saucier start to a track in all of UK rap than what Skrapz delivered on the “One More Chance” remix? It would be an abomination to not include this track on a compilation of Skrapz’s best tracks and it is arguably his most iconic song. It features some of his waviest punchlines and wordplay to date and along with his calm flow, he has made the classic Notorious B.I.G track his own. You could argue that this is the song which solidified Skrapz’s position as one of the coldest rappers we have in the UK.