News 23 June 2017
Author: Trudy Barry

Snapchat’s new feature could mess up everyone’s game

Author Trudy Barry
23 June 2017

We’re used to our social media apps adding features that nobody asked for/rip off their competitors. We get annoyed for a couple days, tweet about how annoying it is then get on with our lives.

However this new Snapchat features could really mess up everyone’s game.

The new feature is called Snap Map and yep, you guessed it, it’ll show your actual location to your followers.

This isn’t too different from using the location stickers to mark your spot in your snaps, however the added map feature slyly takes away some of the anonymity. Now all you have to do is pinch the screen when you’re on camera mode and suddenly you can see where your peopledem are.

There is the option to turn the Snap Map off, which we’re sure most people will be doing.

So this essentially means you won’t be able to do any funny business. Telling your gyal you’re at your boy’s yard? She can see you at the club. Telling your mum you’re at the library? If she knows her way around Snap, then best believe she sees you’re actually on road.

There’s even a “ghost mode” which means you can check out where people are but they can’t see you. Booky.