News 15 July 2019
Author: Olivia West

Snapchat Tests New Netflix-Like Section For ‘Creator Shows’

Author Olivia West
15 July 2019

Snapchat is stepping up its game against rival platforms including Netflix and Youtube in the app’s new update.

Snapchat is releasing a new feature that allows users to binge-watch the original content of their ‘Creator Shows’, separate from other content such as that found on Discover.

GRM Daily
The series features celebrities like Serena Williams, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Kevin Hart. The three to five-minute episodes will have around 10 in total per season and are set to air this summer via the app.

Some of the episodes for the Creator Shows Snapchat series include Rules of Success with Arnold Schwarzenegger, where he gives advice on different aspects of life and building a career from his experiences across bodybuilding, acting and politics.

Snapchat has announced that the Creator Shows will be first-person shows with particular themes like beauty, sport, fashion and so forth. This means that the format for the original app will be changing as the company wants to offer new product updates for official accounts including rolling highlights and profile pages.