News 18 April 2020

Sony’s Playstation team are working on a gaming robot

18 April 2020

If you’re feeling lonely during the current pandemic, then look no further as Sony are working on a robot that will play games with you and can sense your feelings.

The patent describes the robot as a “joint viewing player” as the robot watches your gameplay and responds to your emotions.

The robot will then react with a happy or sad emotion depending on your feelings and how you respond. The example used is that the robot controller companion acts like the opponent team of a baseball game played against the owner. 

GRM Daily

The robot described in the patent also has a “love index” which is altered in moments of stress by how you talk to the robot. If you ever rage quit, be careful not to hurt your robot’s feelings. 

The new robot technology will also sense your heart-rate and sweat.

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