News 25 May 2023

Sony announce new PlayStation handheld gaming ‘Project Q’ plans

25 May 2023

Sony made an exciting announcement at the recent PlayStation Showcase, introducing Project Q, a groundbreaking handheld streaming device specifically designed for PlayStation 5 games.

In a departure from previous handheld gaming devices like the PSP or PS Vita, Project Q focuses solely on game streaming. Although this may disappoint some gamers, it offers a unique and innovative approach to portable gaming.

To enjoy games on this new handheld device, users must first download their desired titles to their PS5 console. Then, through a Wi-Fi connection, the console streams the downloaded games to Project Q, providing an immersive gaming experience on the go.

Taking cues from popular devices like the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck, the tablet-like Project Q features a design reminiscent of these consoles. However, it draws inspiration from the PS5 DualSense controller, ensuring familiar and comfortable button and joystick placement and has an eight inch screen.

In addition to Project Q, Sony also unveiled new wireless PlayStation earbuds. These earbuds are expected to enhance the gaming experience, enabling users to conveniently listen to their games while playing on Project Q, whether away from their TV or on other compatible devices.

With Bluetooth connectivity, the earbuds can also pair with the PS5 console, mobile phones and other media devices, offering versatility beyond portable gaming.

During the showcase, Jim Ryan, the head of PlayStation, expressed that more information about Project Q will be shared in the near future.