News 7 October 2022

DJ Target & D Double E Join Julie Adenuga On The ‘Sounds Of Black Britain’ Podcast To Talk All Things Pirate Radio

7 October 2022

Spotify and Unedited joined forces for a brand-new podcast called Sounds of Black Britain. The podcast is a partnership with social enterprise, The Black Curriculum and hosting the show is Julie Adenuga. 

For episode six, the podcast centres around pirate radio and calls on two special guests to lend their thoughts – DJ Target and D Double E.

An engaging and compelling episode, Target, D Double E and Julie talk about the definition of a pirate radio station, the history of their era, how they were funded, their cultural significance and their lasting legacy. 

Speaking about working on Sounds of Black Britain, Julie said, “Working with the team on this podcast has been such an incredible experience. 

“The work that The Black Curriculum is doing for the British education system is incredibly important, and this podcast is another step toward raising awareness about our history. I’ve learned so much on this journey and I’m so proud of the legacy that Black British music holds.”

Coming just in time for Black History Month, the Sounds Of Black Britain Podcast is a welcome and important new series that shines a light on Black music and its global significance. 

Listen to episode six and catch up with the rest of the series here.