News 10 April 2021

Space Raiders frozen potato snacks to go on sale

10 April 2021

Space Raiders branded potato shapes are now on sale at Iceland.

Using the same shape and flavourings as the original crisp snack, fans will be able to pick up pickled onion flavoured potato shapes as well as beef.

Announcing the news on Facebook, New Foods UK wrote, “New Space Raiders frozen Potato Shapes are coming to Iceland 12th April.”

Along with the alien-themed snacks, Hula Hoops flavoured potato rings will also launch soon in the flavours original salted, salt and vinegar, BBQ beef and cheese and onion.

The potato snacks are all frozen products.

Space Raiders are made by KP Snacks and were originally launched in 1987.

Current flavours include beef, picked onion, saucy BBQ and spicy. Cheese and salt and vinegar varieties were launched but eventually discontinued.

The infamous snacks were originally priced at 10 pence but currently sell for 25 pence.

Thanks to their fun shape and their cheap price, many 90s kids associate the snack with their childhood memories.

Describing the crisps, the KP brand website says, “This tasty alien snack has been trying to take over the earth ever since it was first launched in 1987.

“Made from corn and wheat, Space Raiders are a great value, out of this world snack which have gathered a fantastic fan base and a dedicated following over the past 30 years.

“People love the Space Raiders alien shape and its range of tempting flavours: Beef, Pickled Onion, Saucy BBQ and Spicy.”

KP Snacks also produce Nik Naks, Butterkist, Skips, Pombears, Discos, Hula Hoops, Frisps, Choc Dips, McCoy’s and Tyrell’s.

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