News 9 July 2020

Spotify Expands Its ‘Written By’ Playlists To Support Songwriters & Publishers

9 July 2020

The gift that keeps on giving, Spotify has recently rolled out a new way of support for songwriters and publishers in a new catered playlist titled ‘Written By’ and now the streaming service is rolling out hundreds of songwriter pages and Written By playlists.

Recently announcing its songwriter pages, it allows fans, collaborators and industry partners the opportunity to delve into the work of creators behind some of the biggest songs.

According to press, the latest songwriters to be profiled involve: Wheezy Beats (Young Thug, Future, Drake), Soaky Siren (Pitbull, J Balvin, Rita Ora), Miles Davis, Jenny Owen Youngs (Panic! At the Disco, Pitbull, Brett Dennen) and David Foster (Whitney Houston, Chicago, Peter Cetera).

Since Spotify began displaying song credits in 2018, there has been a 60% increase in how often labels and distributors have credited songwriters on new releases. ‘Spotify For Artists’ launched the focus on songwriters earlier this year with dedicated pages for Kamille, Fraser T Smith, Missy Elliott and more.

Jules Parker, Spotify’s head of songwriter and publishing relations, acknowledges the importance of crediting songwriters and is focused to expand the support worldwide.

“Songwriters and publishers are vital parts of the music industry, though what they do is less publicly known, so they often don’t have the visibility they deserve,” he said. “But we can help with that, because Spotify has a unique ability to drive discovery.

“With the expansion of songwriter pages, we’re continuing to evolve how music is discovered, appreciated, and enjoyed by the world. Supporting publishers and songwriters goes hand in hand with artist discovery. People know who an artist is. They don’t know who the writers are, necessarily. If we can help make those connections, we help people discover new music and open up potential career opportunities for the songwriter. It all ties back to our mission of helping creators live off their work.”

We look forward to seeing what other support plans Spotify has for the evolvement of publishers and songwriters.

How to access songwriter pages:

  • Right-click on a track (or, if you’re on mobile, tap the “…” next to the track)
  • Click/tap “Song Credits”
  • Select a clickable songwriter’s name
  • Every songwriter page includes a “Written By” playlist spanning that writer’s work. On their page, click or tap “Listen on Spotify” to check them out.