News 22 January 2019
Author: Nic Coaker

Spotify unveil another sick new feature on their service

Author Nic Coaker
22 January 2019

Spotify has announced a new feature to their streaming platform which will be good news to many. They now allow users to block any artist, resulting in their songs being removed from any playlists, charts, radio or personal libraries.

The news of this additional feature comes following Spotify’s decision to remove XXXTentacion and R Kelly from any algorithm and editorial playlists last year. This was put into place as a Hate Content & Hateful Conduct Policy due to moral concerns which had been identified.

However, when the popular streaming platform received a number of complaints following this action, they decided to revert the songs to the playlists they had previously featured on. 

The new muting feature is now available on all artist’s profile in which you can find a toggle allowing the user to turn the muting on or off in the ‘…’ section. Unfortunately, this feature does not apply to any features on tracks if they’re not listed as a primary artist.

This new feature is currently only available on the smartphone version of the app and has not yet gone live on the web or desktop version.