News 28 June 2017
Author: Trudy Barry

This streaming service just overtook Youtube for UK teenagers

Author Trudy Barry
28 June 2017

Since it started almost 15 years ago, Youtube has revolutionised the way we consume music. Suddenly songs were available for free on your computer and buying CDs to import into you iTunes library very quickly became obsolete. It appeared that paying for

At yesterday’s BPI and ERA event Gen Z: Meet the Young Millennials – which featured guest speakers from GRM Daily – it was revealed that for the first time ever, Spotify is more popular amongst UK teenagers that Youtube is.

But that doesn’t mean that Youtube is dying, as there is so much more on the platform than just music. As Musically reports “YouTube (across all category types, not just music) has 94% monthly penetration among 16-19 year olds in the UK, as well as 87% for 12-15 year olds and 73% for 8-11 year olds.”

This new study has however shown that for music needs, 16-19 year olds are more likely to use Spotify. Despite the fact that there is a monthly fee for the service, users are able to collate and create playlists and download directly to their devices, making listening to music on the go a much more user friendly experience than Youtube. Because of this, 53% of British teens head to Spotify every week compared to Youtube’s 47%. 

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