News 14 August 2018

Spotify adds new feature for the hidden stars of songs

14 August 2018

Music listeners can now see producing and writing credits within the Spotify app thanks to a new update.

In the new software update being rolled out to iOS devices today, users of the popular music streaming service can view credits that include the performer, the writers and the producers of a song whilst listening to the music. This information can be accessed by clicking the three dots next to the track name and then selecting “Song Credits”.

This feature was only previously available through Spotify via their desktop application.

This is good news for underappreciated writers and producers who fans will now be able to acknowledge for their work. In a time of heavy speculation and debate about writing credits, especially within Hip-Hop, listeners will now be able to access this information with ease.

The information in the credits will be provided by record labels. Alfons Karabuda, Chairman of the European Composer and Songwriter Alliance said, “The information is still powered by label provided metadata, so some information may be incomplete or incorrect. We will be working together for data to come directly from publishers, songwriters and societies, in the near future.”

Since its launch in 2008, Spotify has gone from strength to strength despite its increasing competition from other streaming services such as Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer and most recently, YouTube Music. The Swedish company earned €4.09 billion in revenue last year.

Spotify currently leads the market in music streaming and this new update is a clear attempt by the company to improve its reputation in relation to its relationship with artists. The company has long been criticised for not paying musicians fairly for their content. Spotify was sued for $1.6 billion earlier this year for unpaid royalties to artists on their streaming platform.