Exclusives 4 May 2023
Author: Seth P

GRM Exclusive: 9 Sick Star Wars Rap References

4 May 2023
Star Wars Rap references

May the fourth be with you! It’s the time of the year where Star Wars fans celebrate the iconic franchise in all its glory. The franchise has permeated all areas of entertainment from gaming, tv and of course most famously, film. But let’s not forget its influence on music, along with football, Star Wars references are something you can pretty much guarantee on hearing when you fling on a rap record. They’ve spanned generations too, from artists like Giggs (a well known fan of the franchise), to the new gen, with artists like Kwengface. To celebrate May the fourth, we thought we’d take a look at 9 of hardest Star Wars rap references. Let us know some of your favourites on the socials! 

Scorcher – “Not No Talker”

“I’m Scorcher, not no talker, Flick out the ting like Luke Skywalker”

Scorcher, who some of the younger generation may know for his appearance in the first season of Top Boy, also goes by the moniker Skywalker sometimes. Probably one of the most recognisable Star Wars bars to the old heads is undoubtedly “Flick out the ting like Luke Skywalker”. Check out Scorcher shelling down one of the legendary Fuck Radio sets below! 

Ghetts Feat Giggs – “Crud”

“Man’s just hideous, straight Darth Vader, H Darth Sidious”

Towards the end of Giggs’ verse on his feature on the Ghetts number two album Conflict of Interest lies one of his many Star Wars references. Giggs is probably one of the most well known fans of the franchise, and has regularly shared himself either dressed up, or wielding his own lightsaber on the gram. 

Kwengface & PS Hitsquad – “Petrol Station”

“Black mask on my face, Darth Vader, I’m on the dark side with my big lightsaber”

Darth Vader being the primary bad guy in Star Wars, means he of course gets referenced a lot. Garbed in a distinctive outfit and mask, he was one of the coolest looking villains when he first appeared on our screens. Voiced by the legendary James Earl Jones, the first three Star Wars films are focused on Darth Vader. 

J Hus – “Dark Vader”

“Black boy come looking like a dark Vader, gyal there lookin like a Tomb Raider”

The Sith Lord makes another appearance in this track off of J Hus’ sophomore EP Big Spang. This time he’s referenced throughout the hook on another one of J Hus’ inescapable ear worms. 

Chip – “Darth Vader”

“Come through all black, Darth Vader. Star Wars, yeah man I had war with stars, get dark swing my lightsaber”

Everyone knows that Chip is warmonger, and someone who’s unafraid to swing his lyrical sword at whoever crosses his path. This track was co produced by Mercury prize winner Sampha, who most famously provided the hook for the 2013 Drake track “Too Much” from his Nothing was the same album. 

Dave – “Paper Cuts”

“Dead ting wanna be wifey, we cant even be companions. My young G is carryin, make him feel the force like Anakin”

Dave is undoubtedly one of, if not the finest lyricist in the country. This reference was featured on his long waited “drill track” that fans were calling for across Twitter and Instagram after Dave posted a preview on social media and send the internet into a frenzy. Dave on a Ghosty production, most certainly did not disappoint when it finally arrived. 

Casisdead – “Drive You Home”

“Don’t worry about them gym boys I brought my lightsaber, sticky situations its a lifesaver” 

Easily one of the most exciting artists in the country. Cas’ lyrical ability coupled with his eclectic taste in beats, has seen him garner a cult following. The mystique, and his great videos consistently set him a part in a scene that has become awash with carbon copies. 

Cas takes the classic track 1984 track “Drive” from The Cars, and puts his own spin on it. With some great 80s inspired arcade style visuals, the tune was never officially released, and in true Cas fashion is was “leaked” on Pornhub, and since then has been copied and popped up on random Youtube channels. 

Stormzy – “One Take Freestyle”

“None of my Gs nominated for Brits, are you taking the piss? Embarrassing! But I got the force like Anakin, this year I’ll let that slide stop panicking”

The “One Take Freestyle” frenzy swept the nation after Ghetts and Rude Kid unleashed the 653 EP on us in 2015. Stormzy was one of the many MCs to jump at the chance to spit on the instrumental. Although some purists may loathe his departure from the 140BPM that birthed him, there’s nothing quite like hearing Big Mike spray over a cold Rude Kid beat.

Blanco – “Anakin”

“War with the stars in the flats, Anakin”

Blanco, one of the prominent members of drill group Harlem Spartans, possesses one of the most unique flows in the business, and he delivers on one of his coldest solo tracks “Anakin”, produced by Litek. Check out our feature on Blanco’s broad range of influences right here