News 6 February 2021

Stevo the Madman is working on a comedy pilot for BBC Three

6 February 2021

Stevo the Madman is working on a comedy pilot for BBC Three.

The series is set to follow a similar format to his critically acclaimed online videos which show him living his day-to-day life with his family.

The script has been developed along with Javone Prince and Leo McCrea will direct.

Speaking on the project, McCrea described the series’ filming process as a, “scripted story beats [on which] we improvised the material. Laying takes on takes and developing gags”.

According to British Comedy Guide, one episode will feature Stevo trying to persuade Big Narstie and Chris Eubank to come to his daughter’s birthday party.

Speaking on the pilot process on an episode of The Mo Gilligan Podcast, Stevo said, “TV is just slow.  For instance, with my Snapchat show we done last week, I shot six episodes in three days. With the pilot, that was three days and we got one episode.”

“We done a family meeting say, we were buzzing off each other. Then we stop, set up the next room, lunch, girls are in their room, waiting, yawning, I’ve got to go and wake them up. This ain’t how we’re used to working. It was mad.”

Stevo added, “My argument I’m having with them is that I want it to be a sitcom, rather than you say, it’s a reality [show]. Because I want people to see that this sitcom looks real because it’s from my real life, it’s my real friends. It’s real but we have written elements in it.”

No air date has been announced yet, stay tuned to GRM News for more updates.