News 13 January 2017
Author: Cam Donald

Stormzy makes cameo on Channel 4’s ‘Chewing Gum’

Author Cam Donald
13 January 2017

E4’s second series of Chewing Gum aired it’s first episode last night and featured a surprise cameo from ghosting Stormzy.

The MC played lead character Tracey’s fictional boyfriend, a tall-tale told to make her old-ting jealous. Viewers were surprised when Stormzy actually turned up in the episode after being tricked by Tracey, played by show creater Michaela Coel.

Coel admitted that she met Stormzy at an award show and he told her he was a huge fan of the show, after which she just happened to write him into it.

As fan’s eagerly await Stormzy’s album which will (hopefully) drop this year, they were treated to this funny cameo. Coel dedicated the episode to the artist.

His appearance comes after Coel was spotted on a Stormzy shoot just before Christmas.