News 1 June 2017
Author: Trudy Barry

Stormzy just bought his mum & sister the maddest gift

Author Trudy Barry
1 June 2017

Man of the minute Stormzy has been showing his appreciation to the women in his life today.

He may have said before he wants to buy his mum “100 Bags” but now he’s taken it to the next level. In a Snapchat story it was revealed that the Skeng Man had bought his mum and sister a brand new Mercedes Benz each.

The video shows mama Stormz opening a brand new designer handbag and exclaiming “that is my prayer for today ooh. Father in heaven. How I am going to carry this bag.” However the bag was just the beginning as shortly after the two Mercs pull up to the driveway.

GRM Daily

Both his mum and sis seem overwhelmed with the gifts as Stormz runs out of the room. Stormzy is once again proving he’s the UK’s nicest guy. And as he says in the tune “your son done good, mum”.