News 10 March 2017
Author: Trudy Barry

Stormzy says a designer store was racist toward him

Author Trudy Barry
10 March 2017

It’s hard to imagine anyone in the country not recognising Stormzy’s face right now, the man has had an insane month and it feels like his mug is everywhere. Oh and his independent debut album went to number one in the charts. Suffice to say, man is a certy celebrity right now and you would expect him to be treated as such. But it hasn’t always been that way.

Speaking to Hunger magazine, Big Mike revealed that he was recently treated very differently to other customers in a shop. When the “Shut Up” rapper paid a visit to a high-end designer store (though he didn’t specify which one) he was met with disdain rather than graciousness.

“Usually when you walk in these high-end places, they’ll offer you a drink, take your coat, offer you a seat. We didn’t get none of that,” he said in the interview. He continued “I asked, he told me the price, and I did it like, ‘Oh, you didn’t think young black men are supposed to have this money, did you?'”

The Wicked Skeng Man also revealed that from the age of 13 to 18 he reckons he was stopped and searched by police every single day. That is a madness. He also says that the only reason it stopped was because he got a car and stopped walking on road.

We also can’t forget that just a couple weeks before GSAP dropped, the police kicked in the front door of his Chelsea flat believing that he was a burglar.

Despite the barrage of persecution he’s had thrown at him however, Stormz refuses to hide away in the shadows or change himself to fit in. Instead he will “have my hood up, wear all black and I’m gonna be in a first-class lounge, or in this mad restaurant, or in this posh hotel and be like, ‘Oh, you didn’t think young black people could be here?’” Absolute gangster.