News 18 September 2015
Author: Bernie Mac

Stormzy just made chart history!

18 September 2015

Big Mike, Wicked Skengman, Stormzy, whatever you want to call him, we all have the same opinion. He kills everything he does. This time he hasn’t just created a buzz, he hasn’t hit millions of views, he is the first artist to ever chart with a freestyle in the UK.

He has released Wicked Skengman 4 on iTunes and has charted at no 18! The previous record was held by JME with his ’96 Fuckeries’ freestyle that charted at no 40.

Stormzy has swept everything in the scene into his arms, a Mobo award, A BET award, a #Rated award, millions of views and now a chart record. I guess the name of ‘The Problem’ is more than fitting.

Speaking on the record, Stormzy said “Thank you to every single one of my supporters this week. They are the real winners; because with no label, and no radio play, there’s no way in hell I could of done this. It sounds very cliche; but from the heart… thank you. They’re like family to me.”

“We’ve got a Grime freestyle into the UK Top 20, history for us all.”

This is more than a record, more than history, it’s a platform for the rest of the U.K. to show the world what you’re made of. Congratulations Stormz, you can now write two new lyrics on your new winnings. “If you got a #RATEDAward bring it out” or “If you broke a world record, say it now”.