News 10 April 2017
Author: Alex Griffin

Stormzy & Linkin Park are apparently working on a collaboration together

10 April 2017

Stormzy has worked with all types of artists over the past two years in his ascension to stardom, but we certainly didn’t see this one coming.

According to Linkin Park – the grunge band who achieved mega success in the early noughties – they are working on some brand new music together.

Band member Chester Bennington revealed the news in an interview with BeBoxMusic. He said, “It required us reaching out saying ‘Hey, we like Stormzy, here’s a track if you would like to participate on it, that would be awesome.’ Apparently he was like, ‘Yeah.’ That wasn’t that difficult, but we knew of Stormzy and that’s why we reached out to him.

“We like Stormzy and we think that he’s dope. Little did we know that, he was about to take over the world.”

A Linkin Park fan forum is circulating a screenshot from Amazon that suggests the tune is called “Good Goodbye” and also features American rapper Pusha T.

It’s hard to imagine what on earth this will sound like until it drops. Keep your eyes peeled to GRM Daily for when that happens.

UPDATE: The song is official and will appear on Linkin Park’s forthcoming new album One More Light.

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