Videos 2 November 2020

Watch Stormzy’s Last Performance Of 2020 At McDonald’s’ Virtual Festival

2 November 2020

Last night (November 1), McDonald’s’ virtual festival came to a close and ending the festival with a 45-minute set was the mega star, Stormzy.

Kicking things off with his track “Big Michael”, before performing hits such as “Know Me From”, “Own It”, “Vossi Bop” and more, the set marked Stormzy’s last gig of 2020 and he made sure that he went out with a bang!

“I know it’s a pandemic right now and I know this feels a bit strange,” Stormzy said to viewers in the middle of his set.

“Usually, I’m used to performing in front of a few people but right now you lot are in the comfort of your own home, you’re probably watching from your phone, your laptop, from an Apple TV on your screen, whatever it is.”

He added: “So right now, I want to bring you a bit of joy to your front room. This is what this is all about.

“So if you can, stand up. As you know, there was no carnival this year, so we’re going to do something a bit carnival-esque and I just want you to dance. I want you to have a good time. It’s Sunday, it’s time for vibes.”

Make sure you watch Stormzy’s big performance for McDonald’s’ virtual festival in the video above!