News 1 April 2016
Author: Marisa Lee

Could Stormzy be up next to record England’s Euro 2016 track?

Author Marisa Lee
1 April 2016

While One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson holds his place as the bookies’ favourite to sing England’s Euro 2016 track, MC of the people, Stormzy, is becoming an even more threatening contender.

Betfair originally posted Stormz’s odds of winning at 18/1, but today those odds were slashed in half to 9/1, showing the Wicked Skeng Man is making more of an impact than previously thought. A spokesperson from Dream Team has stated that fans have been placing bets on the MC and backing him with their money.

GRM Daily

The original odds

Betfair’s Colm Rock said, “No stranger to pre-sporting event performances and after dropping a hint on Twitter, Betfair customers have been backing Stormzy from 18/1 to 9/1 to rally support for the England team this summer.”

Good luck Stormz!