News 14 July 2017
Author: Trudy Barry

Stormzy just made political history

Author Trudy Barry
14 July 2017

Stormzy has gone from strength to strength this year. His combination of incredible song writing mixed with his undeniably likeable character means he’s retained his credibility whilst winning over the masses.

He’s gone to number 1 on the album charts, he’s appeared on channel 4 chat shows, he’s even had a campaign to make him our next PM.

Now, he’s made political history by being the first rapper quoted in Parliament.

Newly elected Croydon Central MP, Sarah Jones, quoted a line from “Big For Your Boots” in the House of Commons yesterday. The bar didn’t get much of a reaction but you can hear one person definitely enjoyed it.

Everything said in Commons is recorded and kept, meaning that Stormzy’s bars will now forever be kept within Parliament.

Earlier this week an Irish newspaper offended Stormzy by confusing him with Belgian Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku. You can read more about that here on GRM Daily.