News 26 October 2017

This rapper lied to his mum & ended up with a Stormzy collaboration

26 October 2017

Stormzy aka “The Peoples Champ” has again proved to be the man of the people with his latest inspired gesture. Teks Sinatra, an up and coming MC, tweeted he had lied to his Mum that he’s got a tune with Stormzy so she would take his rap career seriously…

The tweet done the rounds and was retweeted over 4 thousand times, and inevitably got Stormzy’s attention, to which he initially replied…

Teks Sinatra would have been gassed Stormzy acknowledged the tweet in the first place, but a day later, things took a sudden turn… Stormzy reached out to collaborate with Teks Sinatra!

This ultimate fairy tale ending could potentially change Teks Sinatra career. Fans are going crazy reacting to Stormzy’s gesture.

And here is Teks reacting to Stormzy’s offer!

After all of this, fans are now taking in more of Teks material like his BL@CKBOX!

It’ll be interesting to see what the two cook up together in the studio and we will all undoubtedly be watching with a keen eye!