News 19 June 2017
Author: Trudy Barry

Is Stormzy about to drop a new video?

Author Trudy Barry
19 June 2017

It’s been a minute since Stormzy dropped a new video. The last visual offering from his debut album Gangs Signs & Prayer was the icy video for “Cold” back in March.

In the months since then Stormz has embarked on a UK and European tour and played a string of US festival dates. He’s been a busy lad for sure, but it was about time he dropped us another mini movie to marvel over and post screenshots of to our Insta stories.

Well it looks like our prayers may soon be answered, with the Big Mike posting this cinematic still to his Instagram late last night. The pic sees him bunning in the bath, drenched in a cold blue light.

You don’t ever let me down…

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The caption is from his collab with Kehlani “Cigarettes & Cush” so we can only assume that’s the track the video will be for. Here’s hoping Cali collaborator Kehlani makes an appearance too.