News 6 June 2016
Author: Sam

In the bag! See what prestigious award Stormzy just won…

Author Sam
6 June 2016

Apparently a few people were taking note a few months ago, when Stormzy rightfully proclaimed to the world that not receiving a Brit nomination was embarrassing for them.
Last night, Stormzy won The Times Breakthrough Award at the South Bank Sky Arts Awards, hosted at London’s Savoy Hotel.
It is not hard to work out why Stormzy got the award – a freestyle in the park that got over 30 million views, a social media campaign that saw him grab number 8 in last year’s Christmas charts, an energy and charisma that has contributed greatly to grime’s renaissance and resulted in him giving talks at Oxford university. Professor Stormz is lecturing minors when it comes to this grime stuff.


Stormzy was humble as ever in receiving the award, stating “I don’t know how I pulled it off”, and apologizing for standing up too early! #embarrassing #problem

And it wouldn’t be a Stormzy award ceremony without an appropriate amount of social media gas. Here are our favourite bits from the night, delivered by Stormz and his partner in crime, Flipz. He don’t tark too much, true, but he rates a Snap.


Congratulations to Stormz – well deserved, no doubt. Greatness only.


As Mistajam himself put it….

Words: @sjriptweets