Videos 20 September 2016
Author: Jaik Fenton

Could this be Stormzy’s most exciting collab yet?

Author Jaik Fenton
20 September 2016

With a due date set to drop very soon, rumours have surfaced and been discussed at length as to who will feature on Stormzy’s album. 

The Wicked Skengman is no stranger to a powerful collaboration, but could this be his most exciting one yet? Well… that would be if Callum Adams – also known as the face of Callums Corner – has his own way.

The Bristol resident has seen himself rise to prominence as the cruelly categorised “Tic Tac” man. This has led to artists – namely Afghan Dan – on BG Media sending for the man himself. Coupled with the help of WillNE, Callum has seen himself create quite a loyal fan base.

Now, the word on the cruddy pavements of Bristol is that Callum is seeking revenge on Afghan Dan, who’s been the catalyst behind the abuse and hate he’s received regarding the ‘Tic Tac’ tag.

Callum’s loyal fan base has directed him into the way of Stormzy, and it’s safe to say that he likes what he sees. It looked as if he’d given up hope of sending for Afghan Dan, but the mention of the “Scary” star seems to have rejuvenated him. 

Despite being unable to understand half of the references, Callum seems to find a number of resemblances between the pair – including their tall frames and being warriors. The collaboration will come with an added bonus, as Callum is more than willing to come to the 7 to get busy.

With a few ideas to boot, the question is, will we see the duo collaborate together in what could be a standout track? . Only time will tell, but Stormzy, the ball is in your court my friend… make it happen. 

Let us know what you think.