Videos 22 September 2021
Author: Luke Forte

Stylo G & Frass Remix Dave & Stormzy’s “Clash” On New Joint

Author Luke Forte
22 September 2021

Stylo G and Frass are back with some new material for us!

In true fashion the pair coast across the choppy “Clash” instrumental spitting back and forth on; fresh pairs of Clarks, the lifestyle of a gyalist and being “real yardman pon’ di English land”.

Both Stylo and Frass shell this one; bringing copious amounts of charisma wrapped up in their infectious cadences and spouts of patois, only complementing the instrumental’s energetic bounce.

Signing this one off, the pair turn to MRNOLIQOUR to bring this one to life; showcasing the two getting juiced up with the clique before a line of luxe cars, and sticking to the dancehall roots of letting off some flames with that lighter and deodorant can combination.

Take in Stylo G and Frass’ “Clash” refix above!